Will this girl stay with me after her ex bf constantly tries fighting me and she's realized he's crazy?

So this is a long story but this girl at first got with me right after getting out of a 4 year relationship and she got confused and ended our relationship and started dating both of us until one day at a music event her ex saw us together and he started a fight with me and he got kicked out by security and she was upset and removed him from her Facebook , instagram, etc and she started getting close to me again. A week after that fight I went to another music event with her and her ex first tried fighting me inside the venue only to get carried out by his friends and security and they tried telling him to calm down and he'd get let back into the venue but he proceeded to throw a drink at his ex gf and storm out. Then when that girl and my friends and I started leaving the music venue walking to our car that dude started a fight with me again and this fight was violent. Then that girl felt terrible and kept blaming herself and felt really bad. She was with me the next day on Sunday chilling at a guys house and seemed like something was on her mind and didn't want to get close to me or anything and she finished saying "I'm sorry to be bringing you all this drama, it's so unfair and you don't deserve it". Since then she hasn't responded to any of my texts on Monday. She still has him deleted from all her social media and stuff and I see she interacts with her friends still but she is not responding to me. My friend is just telling me she needs some time after figuring out all this stuff and how her ex bf is a crazy psychopath. What do you think about this and why she isn't responding to me?


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  • it sounds like your friend is right. that's a lot, for not only her but you as well. If i were you, i'd let her know how you feel about the situation. If she thinks that its going to screw up your relationship, she might end it. Give her that time, and after she has her mind straight, be honest with her about whether you feel that he's going to end up messing the two of you up. From what she said, she probably thinks that you're going to leave her because of all of the drama, and she's afraid that something really bad is going to happen to you because of it. Let her know how you feel about whats going on, and maybe give her some peace of mind.

    • So should I let her know right now how I feel about the relationship and how I won't leave her just because of this or should I wait a few days and then tell her this?

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    • Damn, I'm so sorry,

    • no I was wrong was even worse she got back with him lol. At this point I'm not even mad I'm just realizing how incredibly immature she is lol.

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