Should I ask this shy guy to Prom?

I want to ask this shy guy to prom. I asked him to a dance freshman yr over Facebook and he said yes. He knows i like him but he is extremely shy and Im also shy. I really like him and want to ask him but i dont know if it would be weird to ask him again. Should I? If so, how should i ask him? He also plays football and basketball.

the dance freshman yr was homecoming at our local hs and he hasn't gone to a dance since... i really like him just dont want to seem obsessive or clingy! Guys opinions would be appreciated!!!


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  • just ask there's no harm in it. as long as his not in a relationship fuck it. ask as soon as possible cuz u never know if anyone else likes him n ends up asking him before you. if he says no don't worry about just go with ur friends u'll still have fun without a date. I did.

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