Feeling a bit jealous, though I know I'm being stupid. Help?

Basically this girl I went on a date with recently, I really get on with, etc, etc.
Anyway within our social circle I've seen her hang around my friend. I know they get on, he is funny and a bit of a charmer.

I know there's nothing going on between them, I also know that I've gone on a date with her, and have talked with her plenty.

However irrationally I can't help but think, when I see them together, or on Facebook - why can't that be me?
It's like a little paranoid part of me thinks she'll choose him.

Again, I know it's stupid... how do I stop feeling like this?

Anyone else?
Anyone other opinions!


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  • You just have to trust that she's into you until she gives you a legitimate reason otherwise. Jealousy is something everyone goes through; the best thing to do is reassure yourself and concentrate on other things.

    • Yeah, I'll try.
      It makes me look at all my faults and all his pros. For example, I'm really no good at flirting, but it comes to him naturally.
      And without putting myself down, he is better looking.

      It's very frustrating, but yeah I need to distract myself!

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