Why would someone who is attractive or handsome, successful and vibrant turn to the internet to find love?

I am divorced man in my early 40s and have been for the last two years. Now looking.

My friends are trying to convince me to try on-line dating sites but I firmly reject this idea and here is why.

I have actually tried to find women 30s plus but I am finding it extremely difficult. All the women I find attractive at the place that I go two, work, gym, even a book club and through friends are either married or in a relationship so what on-line dating sites is going to differ from real life.

All attractive women have no problem finding what they want in real life why should they bother with the internet where all sorts of weirdos creeps and will fall on them like tones of bricks the minute they upload their profile.

I have tried it myself actually. I have faked a profile for relatively good looking girl ( no that good looking ) - on paid site - and within 20 minutes I have had more than 20 people with airbrushed glossy photos most likely taken from a magazine or something showed interest and started to message me with all sorts of rubbish stuff.

I can not see the logic behind dating sites unless you live in a village or something then yes.

does anybody have a different experience or heard something otherwise?


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  • The exception to the online dating rule is that folks work too much, don't go out enough, aren't social enough, est to meet people in real life.

    Thus they turn to the internet. As you said, most of the women that YOU meed in YOUR area are already taken. Thus SOME people in your situation turn to the internet to find SINGLE women without the hassle.

    Depending on where you live, the likelihood of finding a single person can Statistically be LOW. As women in their 30s are often in steady relationships or married.

    There are places you can go where single people are more likely to frequent. Such as the park, dog park, juice bar, places that hold trivia tournaments, yoga, farmers markets, adult sports leagues, certain classes.

    The internet just cuts out the LITERAL leg work required to find single people in your area.

    Though you are correct in that a MAJORITY of the men and women on online dating sites are batshit crazy.

    Good luck to you!


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  • Busy, new people they may not encounter otherwise


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  • Lack of options or time. I'm not terribly attractive or successful, but I'm decent looking with a steady job, however I simply live in a place with no social outlets that cater to me. I'm a non-drinking, liberal, atheist in a strongly conservative place where the only places to meet people are dive bars and churches. There's no night life or culture, so until I can manage to relocate I'm stuck with what the net had to offer.

    • You should go shopping more often. I'm often talking to women when I go shopping. Everyone has to shop sooner or later.