Shoud I date him? I kind of like him but my friends say he's a player?

so a few months ago a new kid moved to my school. We became friends quickly and it was fun, since then I guess he dated many girls and broke hearts. I was only aware that he dated 2 girls. So then today at lunch he admitted he liked me, I said , "I would say yes if you asked me out" but all my friends tell me I should say no becauses he's a heart breaker. I want to say yes but don't want to be broken hearted


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  • ok wait, what did he say after you said that? I'm 50/50. Off the bat I would say just do it. You like him, he likes you. Considering the heartbreaking aspect I would say you would know what you got yourself into so I think your smart enough to not invest your feelings so easily and keep them at bay. If he tells you how much he likes you, misses you, can't wait to_____ and you wanna melt like a "school girl" DON'T!. I say that because Im 24 years old and I do that then a guy lets me down and its jogging pants, uncombed hair, junk food, self pity parties and Just dance 2014 for the next couple months! Protect your self and shield your feelings. Remember guys tend to like girls that are hard to get and show little interest in him unlike others groupies do. UPDATE ME GIRLFRIEND!!

    • Haha thank you! Well.. he told me he likes me because I was nice to him and I was the first girl he liked but didn't want too say anything. I want to talk to him about it.. he also saod he wouldn't dare hurt me.. I trust him a lot because he's not just a 'player' he's a really good friend to me as well

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    • Well, I'll see what happens tomorrow when we talk. If you want, I'll tell you what happened c: But my best friend said, "If you say yes to him.. I will beat his a** up and comfort you." Its not just her.. its all of my friends so I'm glad ill have people to protect me.

    • ride or die chicks!

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  • We don't like girls that are hard to get all. We like women with an edge. No one likes games in relationships.


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