Second chance or is it too late?

So I went out with this guy a couple of times at the end of last year and we had an amazing time together and couldn't stop messaging each other. Things slowly fizzled out and we stop seeing each other as I wasn't at work anymore.

Lately I have been seeing him weekly at work and I have starting having feelings for him again and we have been getting on really well. I think we could of had a lot of fun together and really wish we could of spent more time together.

I also want the chance to get to know him better as we didn't spend a lot of time together. What are the chances he would go out with me again? Also, how do I let him know that I am interested? or make him see that we could have fun together?

Lately I can't stop thinking of him and really, really want to get to know him better.


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  • I think it's awesome that you're already close with one another. Hard part's done! Now all you have to do is spend more time together. Do you know what he likes to do? Try and offer doing stuff together; watching movies, eating someplace that he likes, or just talking and getting to know each other more.

    The fact that you initiated these activities would be enough of an indicator for him that you are interested in him. If he reciprocated and spends time with you doing all those fun stuff, then you're on your way!

    When two people begin to have fun whenever they are together, it would lead to an inevitable connection. Then it's up to the both of you how you'd want to go from there. Throw the ball into his court, then let your hearts decide.


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  • Make the move and casually talk about going out to grab a drink or so in a normal convo. Or if he talks about any interests and you like it too you can throw a hint out like "Thats awesome I would like to do that" "sounds interesting, if you need a partner in crime im down". good luck