Need advice!!! I fell in love with a girl I met on okcupid. we haven't met yet. I've never felt like this in my live. Help!!!?

I kind of need a little advise. So... I met this girl online in January sent her a message on the 3rd, not expecting a reply but she replied on the 6th Jan. anyways, we hit it off well, messaging back and forth, then she gave me her number. We texted everyday for a month. We skyped, and spoke on the phone for hours. Everything seemed to be going great. She told me she liked me so much. I couldn't believe how my feelings developed for someone I hadn't met. I have never met someone with so much in common with me, it's really weird.
On the 2nd Feb, things took a turn, she read my messages on Whatsapp and didn't reply. I didn't know what was going on, then a few days later I asked if I had done anything wrong. She replied that it wasn't me, it was her (classic pulling away move). I had planned to meet her on the 16th Feb, but due to certain circumstances I could get down to her city. So then that day she claimed she was sexually confused and might be lesbian. Which threw me back... I had developed feelings for her, and liked her and still very much really like her still. So anyways. She has been kind of off towards me ever since the 2nd Feb.
On the 3rd March a friend of mine, which I only found out a few days later "liked" me, well she stole the girl I likes her number from my phone when we were going out clubbing and sent her a message stating that "she" liked me etc, trying to get the girl I like to maybe confess her feelings, playing the "jealousy card", I don't know... but the girl I like said she wasn't ready for a relationship. Anyways I noticed a picture she posted on Facebook about how love is pointless and painful etc.
So I'm finally going to her city, and on Sunday I texted her and asked how she was etc. then mentioned I was coming down next weekend. She said cool, just let me know when you are in town. and that she wanted to maybe hang out.
Ow one of her family members is also dying from cancer.

All I want is to be with her. I have NEVER in my life felt so much for someone. At first it scared the shit out of me, it still does in retrospect.
But All I want is to be with her.
She is on Whatsapp a lot... I am just a little scared that she has maybe found someone else.
How often should I text her?
I really need advice please.
I want her to be my first Girlfriend!!!


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  • It sounds like she has a lot going on right now and doesn't want a relationship, as she said. Give her some space to deal with things and figure things out, but be there for her as a friend. Sure, your feelings won't go away that easily, but maybe it'll work out in the end. Just don't push things right now. She knows how you feel and everything, but sticking around despite being rejected might mean something.

    • Thing is I dont think she has rejected me!

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    • No problem :) Hope it works out!

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  • I can see someone is going to make the "too clingy" "too desperate" mistake that most guys make with their first girlfriend...

    • Thats why im asking for advice. Would love to know what to do?

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    • How often should I text her?

    • Text her when you're in her town, since she said she wanted to meet up. But don't act like a spaz.