Feeling insecure, he is going clubbing a lot….?

hi everyone…
I've been dating this guy for a long time…about 7 months. lately he has become lazy lately, i think because he knows I'm hooked on him.
We still talk here and there, but i rarely get to see him anymore. He has be clubbing every weekend lately, and its making me feel insecure.
Im scared that he is out to try to find someone new ( he is honestly a decent guy, but i can't help but be scared about it)

My question is; is there anything i can do to make him miss me. If i disappear from his life for a while do you think he'll realise that he needs to step his game up again?

I am mentally trying to move on, but deep down i want him to chase me again, i can't help it...


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  • Why don't you just go out with him, instead of conjuring up these games or tests to put him through?

    • because he never invites me…. and i don't want to invite myself to a boys night out…..

    • I don't see a problem with casually mentioning that you'd like to go out with him one night

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