What do i tell him when we talk?

My boyfriend and i have together for quite a while and sometimes a couple days go by when we don't speak, not because we're fighting or anything but just because we both happen to be busy, it might not be something couples usually do but we're both comfortable with this. However, it has never lasted for 5 days and it's been 5 days since we've spoken... i've tried calling him and texting him but to no avail. He doesn't pick up and doesn't answer my texts. In school he passed by me twice and i didn't get a second look. Now, math is the most important subject for his class according to out school system, and he has this really big math test tomorrow and he's been studying really hard.. but that isn't an excuse to ignore me, right?


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  • I think it's a pretty valid excuse. When you saw him in the hallway why didn't you go up to him and initiate the conversation?

    • I didn't since he was in a hurry to get somewhere... a 'hello' wouldn't have slowed him down though..

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