Dated a medical resident... please help?

I am a busy grad student, and a few weeks ago, I met a medical resident. I can't compare to his busy life. He works insane hours and is always tried. I am interested and I think he is too. Anyways, thankfully because I am busy, I don't have time to be needy. But I am extremely attracted to him. We've spent nights together, he doesn't want to have sex yet. But he's not putting a ton of effort into planning ahead. I often get texts at ten at night after he worked all day and is done studying asking me for coffee or to come watch basketball. I understand because he's busy, and I probably have to wait it out, and see however, has anyone experienced this? How do you show interest and prove you'd put up with his insane schedule? Just so its clear we've been out on a few dates and spent a few nights together. I am really into him but i've been hurt in the past, last night I tried to tell him this in a clingy drunk way (ie; my other question) but have delt with that, and am normally not bad and appoligized for my out of character action. I just don't know how to deal with trying to make something work with a guy like him? because of his schedule? I want to make it work because I am busy and stressed, I think we'd be good together and the thought of being with someone busier then me is appealing. Any suggestions?


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  • Well, dealing with the schedule can be hard. my boyfriend currently works nights, so he is sleeping all day while i'm awake, so it makes it hard to see each other. either he is tired (from waking up early) or i'm tired (staying up late) and that isn't ever fun. you just each have to give and take if you want to make it work. if you two like each other, then it will work out.

    • I just asked a recent a question about that... but your right... my update is, I think I screwed up I have been going through some stuff (deaths in family) and acted clingy... which seemed to drive him away... I am not like that because I am normally too busy to be, but today I felt like I had nothing to loose so I figured I'd tell him why I acted this way... I am I crazy to hope he'll respond wanting to start over?

    • it never hurts to explain behavior that you think could give a guy the wrong impression of you. and especially if its a good, legit reason like a death. he should understand if he is a good guy.