What are your thoughts and experiences with Tinder?

I'm talking to this guy on Tinder, he seems really friendly and chatty, there's always a smiley face I'm assuming that suggests a level of interest. He told me where he lives, I told him I know that suburb because I studied for uni there. He then wrote to me if you're ever near your old uni, let me know and I'll join you for a beer? Is he even interested in me or is it just friendship, I ask this because tinder blurs the lines between friendship and relationships? Have any of you had good experiences with Tinder, did you meet anyone? Thanks


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  • tinder is a meat market :)
    its essentially there for hook ups. my housemate finally discovered it, as a good looking guy, lets just he has been sowing his seeds in a lot of fields.

    you might be very lucky here and and get something *more*, but i really wouldn't count on it. most guys are on there solely to bed chicks.

    i was lucky recently to have met someone who was looking for a one off hook up, but she and i got along really well, and have become friends with benefits, and honestly i hope it eveolves into something more.

    i think you are going to have to go with your gut.


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  • Well I've had good experiences with tinder. Went on dates with 4 guys. The first guy I met, I ended up dating for a month. Things didn't work out cause he figured he'd rather invest himself completely into his work than devote himself to a proper relationship. We stayed in good terms. The next 2 guys weren't creepers either. Nice guys, just not enough chemistry/compatibility I guess. The 4th, I had only been talking to for 2 days. We went on a date and sparks flew, it was crazy chemistry. We hit it off within seconds. We were inseperable for days, he got me flowers, brought me home to his best friend/flatmate, etc. We got into a relationship pretty early and I feel like I've known him forever already. In total, he used the app for 3 days. There's definitely luck involved and beginner's luck in my opinion. I had mine, he had his with me. Neither of us were expecting anything serious to come out of this.

    I also have many friends using tinder. A friend of mine tried it out after she heard me talk about a date I had with someone from there. Turns out she has beginner's luck too and she's been with a guy she met from the start since 3 months. None of my guy friends have had much luck. The girls? Well some date a lot with no luck, some date little. Overall, I'd say that if you're willing to have some fun getting to know someone new on a date, go for it, but make sure first that they're not actually only looking for a hookup. Most guys on there use tinder for hookups. I used it to have fun conversations for a while. So it's not really friendship, but rather a fasttrack towards dating in my opinion. I'd say do whatever you feel is right as long as it pleases you. Once tinder starts to feel draining and discouraging, ditch it. Worked for me!