How do guys want to be kissed? How or when should you kiss them?

How do you kiss a guy? What should/shouldn't you do? Or... How do you get them to kiss you? Just curious


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  • Different strokes for different folks. It may not be the same to everyone, but I love the woman's lips to be soft when she kisses me. Because sometimes they instinctively pucker up, bunching their lips stiffly, and it just doesn't feel like lips anymore. I just tell them to relax.

    Usually it's because they're just nervous, or maybe even inexperienced, if that's the case I just make sure I take the lead. Don't slober, don't overpower, be enthusiastic and be deep, but not to suffocate.

    They or you might make he first bold move and use tongue, so just start by brushing the lower lip a couple of times until their mouth opens. It is then you go and move deeper and more passionate.

    A romantic kiss is supposed to be reciprocal. So always be aware how the other person is reacting to you. Enjoy and be enjoyed.


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