Going on a date with a recent divorcee, how to handle it and should I be worried it's too soon?

I joined Match recently and really hit it off with a girl I met on there. I am 26, she is 25, we had a lot in common and exchanged some good messages back and forth and it was going well. Her profile listed that she was divorced, which at first didn't seem like a big deal to me. She gave me her phone # at one point and we have exchanged texts for a while and she suggested we go out this weekend.

I am always worried about getting catfished on dating sites, so I did some google searching when I got her phone # and based on her name. Good news is I found out she is 100% legit, but I found her Facebook profile and from what is public, I could tell her wedding was last May, so barely over 9 months prior to me messaging her. And I don't know when the divorce was, but she was using her married name as recently as early November, a little over 3 months from when I first messaged her.

A couple other odd things caught my attention since then, like I realize one of the pictures she used on her dating profile was from her wedding, which I guess struck me kind of odd, although she looked great in it. She has also since deleted her online profile. She also asked me in her 2nd email to me what exactly I was looking for in online dating and she responded she was looking for "Mr Right". I guess that is the earliest someone got a little serious, although the other girls I met online all ended up being immature, so I guess maybe that is not bad.

So I am wondering if all of this is too soon for me to be going out with her, like is she not ready to be dating again? At the very most it seems like 3 months ago is when the divorce happened, and she only got married less than a year ago. Would that be something inappropriate to bring up with her, to ask her what happened? I don't know the protocol when dating someone who is divorced.


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  • if they are dating again this quickly, they probably dont want to be reliving their recent problems. if you are satisfied they are who they are, and that you want to meet them, just go out and have fun, and show her that there are good guys out there :)

    but i would steer clear of the divorce or her past for just a little while.


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