Taking a break with this girl - i hinted to dating her again, what do i do here?

To make a long story short, had quite the fall out with a girl due to a fight. I'm not sure if she views me as creepy, or someone she wants to beat up LOL. (me and here are both "Talking"... you know the preliminary before exclusive dating. so she DOES like me, even said so herself)

Anyway she stopped talking to me and i felt weird not talking to her since my day pretty much revolved around talking to her, so i hit her up, caused a bit more problems, but now she's MUCH more calm and has forgiven me a bit.

Anyway she hinted at the idea of "maybe we can be friends one day" and im like "sure, ill hit you up in a month or two ok?" and she replied back "sure"

I also texted her "maybe we can pick back up us dating in the future..." and then i texted again "bye :)" and i got no replies.

My questions are:
1: is it good she didn't reply and reject me? she's not the type to lead someone one and she's usually up front with people. i'd THINK she would say something like "ill never date you" lol

2: should I wait a whole month before popping the question of "So... can we forget the past and try dating again?"


should i wait just a week and then say "so... do you think you could look past our fights and give dating a shot in the future?"

i'm not sure which to do, because i dont wanna waste a whole month or 2 thinking about her only to get shot down.

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  • Don't ask at all, make a move in a month
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Anyone thinking "dude she friendzoned you" i doubt it.. if a girl liked you once, no reason she can't again.

and besides, what else is she supposed to say? "maybe we can date again one day?" that sounds odd. Being called a friend =/ Friend Zone


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  • Hate to break it to you, but if a girl is truly interested in you and has fallen for you, she won't be taking "breaks" from you and definitely won't ignore texts from you and say things like "maybe we can be friends one day". That to me is a clear sign that she is not interested in you romantically. If a girl fancies you, she'll want to be with you. That's as easy it gets. She won't be putting walls up like she is right now because she'll be too scared of you ditching her for someone else. Clearly there's no fear in her eyes of you possibly moving on which tells me she's not interested or invested in you. It could be yes that at a time she liked you kind of, but her love couldn't have been very serious if she's willing to just leave things in the air like that. This doesn't add up to the behavior a girl will show if she has a crush. This girl is more interested in playing games it seems and likes the attention you are giving her. I voted B just because I think saying anything now will make you look slightly desperate to get back with her and that is just going to give her even more satisfaction seeing you can't go x amount of days or weeks without her.

    • Maybe because I made her extremely mad at me, that's why she doesn't care if i leave. she still genuinely, REALLY, liked me though.

      i'm just asking if i should ask her in a week, or a month

    • Look I'm just giving you advice from a girl's perspective. I know how the female mind works. Even if a girl is brutally mad at a guy, her love for him will always win and as I said, her actions don't add up. It's difficult to sometimes see the reality because one wants to believe that they felt the same but if they really did, they'll be trying to work things out and will not be ignoring you like that.

    • Well... the thing is i made her really mad in the past... and this was like the final straw

      I get what you're saying, guys are the same, if we like someone we forgive them, but we dont do that kinda thing forever.

      Anyway can we not doubt her feelings for me? i have enough proof from past actions, just need to know what to do now.

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  • Go find another girlfriend she doesn't want you ever.

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