Help!!! I can't stop thinking about him!!?

So last year I went on a date with this amazing guy and we had a great connection and enjoyed spending time together. Things got awkward (totally my fault) and he started to lose interest. I would see him every week at work however, I then went away for 2 months so didn't see him and the contact completely died.

Finally, i started working again and currently see him every week. At first it was a tad awkward but I was finally honest about why I added a little weird and he was super cool with it.

Now when I see him I am trying to be happy and make him laugh (like I use to) but I am unsure if he is interested.

The problem is I can't stop thinking about him and I mean all the time. I have tried everything but he is constantly on my mind. I just keep wondering what could of happened as I think we could of had a great time together. I would really like to spend more time with him and get to know him more but I am worried how to best tell him as I am unable to tell if he is interested.

I just really want things to go back to the beginning as he chased me for ages as I was less keen then him but now it seems like we have switched feelings. Any ideas on how to make him like me again?

Also, it has been ages since our first date and I am wondering if I have left it too late.

Any suggestions?


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  • I would find out if he is seeing anyone before I would attempt anything.

    Secondly, I would flirt like there is no tomorrow! If it is not reciprocated, there's your answer. That way, you don't have to come right out and say anything or embarrass yourself. AND... if he is interested, he can chase you again. Good luck.