Is it okay for me to meet up with other people?

We are seeing each other and he calls and texts every morning and night. I have met his brother and heard much about his family and friends. He calls me his girl, but we are not official.
I am not used to this whole seeing different people at the same time thing once I get closer to one person - I actually feel a bit guilty as if I am cheating, but to think about that, we are not official, so it can't be cheating, right? There are other people who try to talk to me and I am thinking that I should not limit myself to him if we are not official. Any thoughts?


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  • Whether you have said it or not you are boyfriend and girlfriend.

    This guy obviously likes you and the fact that you feel guilty about seeing other people suggests that you feel like you are betraying him, so at some level you recognise that you are in a monogamous relationship, even if you dont want to be.

    I know this is probably not what you want to hear but you are/will be cheating, if you dont want be monogamous then I suggest you talk to him about it. You never know he may feel the same way.

    • I actually do want a monogamous relationship. I just don't want to freak him out by bringing that up too early. I have been hurt very badly before, and I don't want to get too attached before things are cleared up. I like him and it's hard on me unless I have some distractions.

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    • Official to me would be that the two people are recognized each other as boyfriend and girlfriend and others know they are a couple, that you don't have to second-think who that is to you when you happen to have to introduce him to others or when others ask you. Both people care each other and would commit to each other only.

    • that sounds to me like that is the situation you are in you just havnt said it yet. Be honest and ask him if he wants that, if he is speaking to you every day then he probably sees that as commitment. If he is not after anything in his messages then I would say he thinks it is official.

      Go on a few couples dates to move things along.

  • Technically there's nothing wrong with seeing other people if you're not "official" but for practical reasons I think its a bad idea to see multiple people at once because no matter what happens in that situation, somebody's going to be disappointed. In the case of you and this guy, one of you (or both of you) will get hurt.

    If you're feeling guilty about it then there's probably a reason for it. Talk to him about it and know exactly where you stand.


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