How can I get a gf if im afraid to approach?

I was wondering is there a way to get a gf without approaching. . I'm extremely shy


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  • A lot of small talk until you get comfortable around her. Then just say something like hey--having a bonfire this weekend, want to come? Or have friends do a get together where you both are invited.


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  • It's not a matter of being shy as it is being comfortable around her. I am a shy guy myself, heck you and I are the same even age wise. I would never ask a girl on a date I wasn't comfortable around. I just wish I had more time to ask her out, LOL!!!

    • It's just I'm afraid of them

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    • Who knows, just don't assume women dont like you. I myself dont try to keep healthy to appease the ladies, I do it for myself. Women being attracted to you afterwards should be a side effect.

    • No because there is nothing better on this earth than having a gf. I know I've had one.. I need to feel that void. I'll always put women before me

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