I think I might be in love with him, how and when should I say something?

So I have been dating someone. We have been talking about how we are not "there Yet" as in saying I love you. He made a comment a little bit ago how I am prob goingsay it after he does even if I feel it first just because most girls do that. He is on a business trip, and I have been thinking a lot about it, and I am realizing I hate being away from him and I just want to be with him all the time and maybe I do love him. Is it weird if I say something to him and if so how should I do it. I just dont want him to think its going to fast and screw things up but at the same time I want him to know how i feel.


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  • people in general don't do this but speak your mind honestly and stare him in the eye and tell him how you feel it's nerve wracking but in the end it helps you like bliss P. S. tomorrow im going to listen to my own advice and suck it up and save my relationship

    • We have spoken about it before and he had brought it up saying e has strong feelings but not love yet. And how he feels when he says it I will also. I just don't want it to be weird if I say it and I know he isn't there yet.

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  • Haha... I did the same thing with my hubby, then boyfriend. I had been in too many failed relationships to give my heart away again. But I felt something with him, something I'd really not felt with any other guys, and I didn't know how to handle it. So one night when we were cuddling he sensed that something was off, so he asked me what was up? I told him that I felt deeply for him but I couldn't say what I really felt bc Of past situations and that I feared he didn't feel the same way. After getting so built up with emotion (yes I shed a few tears) he turned to me and he told me I love you. I explained that I didn't want him to feel pressured to say it to me that's why I didn't bring it up sooner and it then be one sided. He told me I feel the same way about u, i dont know what ur getting upset over... after we laughed at it a bit the told me I must've been reading his mind bc he was going to say it to me that night whether I reciprocated the feelings or not.
    The point to my story... if u really do love him and u think he feels the same go for it when the opportunity is wide open. Don't miss ur chance.
    Best of luck to u Hun.

    • We talked about it how we def knows there is something but he isn't at that point yet where he wants to say it because he wants to be 100%. So I know he isn't there yet so I am afraid to say it.
      How am I supposed to bring it up

    • What exactly was ur convo about when u talked about "being there"? Was it about the feeling of love or being in love? How did he describe it and how did u describe it? The next time ur discussing any emotions I would say is the time to bring up the fact that u love him. R u sure u want to be committed to him? If u are then tell him "u know my feelings for u are strong and I want to be with u and only u, I can't picture myself with anyone else" (or something along those lines) wait for his reply and then gauge his body language. Does he light up and look like he's elated with ur outward feeling of love? Basically would it be the response u would have if the convo was reversed? If it is then just say I love u. If he doesn't say it back don't freak out but explain that it took a lot for u to come forward and tell him that. If he still doesn't respond just ask if it's mutual and come back to it when ur both ready to talk about it again

    • But u have to be prepared to hear him not say it. U could just keep hinting around it till he does say it or wait until he's comfortable saying it to u. But remember if u bring it up on Ur own make sure he doesn't feel pressured to give a reply if he doesn't feel the same way. Another way u could approach is by saying exactly what u put in ur post "I have been thinking a lot about it, and I am realizing I hate being away from u and I just want to be with u all the time and maybe I do love u"