I want to make out with a girl, but I haven't even kissed a girl on the lips!

I've kissed a girl on the check, but never on the lips. I want to make out with this girl. I don't know if she wants to, but were both kind of skeptic about the whole thing. I will be kind of nervous when I do, but can you tell me something to lift me up? And any tips?


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  • My first kiss was in the middle of a dance floor, I hadn't known the guy for long. I don't know how I did it, but something just took over, It was such a natural thing, it wasn't something you had to think about, it just happned.

    Hope this is helpful

    Good Luck


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  • Is this a girl that you're dating, or just some random girl?

    If you've been dating a girl for at least a little while, chances are she'd be fine with making out with you, or, at the very least, kissing you on the lips.

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