So Lonely. . How and where to meet girls and make one your gf?

I'm so lonely and I really need a gf In my life. I'm really a nice guy, have a good job. How can I meet a girl and eventually have her become my gf?


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  • Where to meet? Anywhere. Just use small talk. And be sorta upfront. Like 'i might not you again and, I'm interested. Meet for coffee sometime?'

    also, adapt to situations. In a gym, teach her some stuff about, weights. In the mall, sarcastic guy looking at, you from far away and then he asks you out.

    as to how to make a girl your gf?
    be yourself
    dont rush, overthink
    do relax, take your time
    -take time to get to know her
    -plan stuff that's fun, interactive, intimate, & sorta touch barrier breakers
    -show her who you are
    -set ground rules and boundaries in the beginning

    In the end, you can't make a girl your gf. Your best bet is to follow good guidelines and if you both like each other, keep going to the next level.

    • How do guys get gfs so easily?

    • Well its very easy to go out just one time so don't let that get to you.

      but where you can start is hand out at places where you are going to people/chicks that are like you. Then start small. Coffee sometime? Dinner and movie? Get to know her in small, low-pressure settings. And if you both like each other, take it from there.

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  • Basically my only requirement is that a guy have a job! As long as they can support me its all good! And I'm sure there's other girls that are the same way, you just have to keep looking.

    • But I'm scared to talk to them?

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    • Haha yeah you are right.

    • About what?

  • Go outside lol you'll meet women. Just don't be shy haha


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  • You have to approach girls regularly and say hi at coffee shops, supermarkets, malls, parks, gyms, any public place. This is hard to do, but if u have the motivation you can do it. Look up "day game Alex" and "day game sasha" on YouTube. Good luck

    • Just say hi? Doesn't she have to be attracted to me?

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    • So to get a gf you have to be tough?

    • Hey saw the sasha video.. it was interesting but no way could do the stuff he talked about

  • I usually use this technique. Works everytime

    • My post was serious. That video was a comedy

    • Lesson 1 stop being so serious

    • This not having a gf and trying to fill a void is serious. . You are still young and have more time than me. I'm trying to be married by 40. I don't want to be casually dating in my 40s with random girls