Girls do you prefer to be approached directly ( a soft compliment) or indirectly ( small talk about general stuff)?

So Basically... lots of guys debate how is it best to approach a girl.. lets say you are walking down the street and a guy really likes you. He is respectable.. not cat calling or such stuff. He wants to approach you... What type of approach would you prefer? Is it that he states his intent

1- Directly '' I saw you walking over there and i thought you looked really nice / elegant / fashionable and i had to come and talk to you ''


2- Indirectly '' Excuse me, do you know where is the nearest Starbucks?'' and then expand from there with more small talk.

  • I prefer he compliments me or state his intent directly then ask for my number
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  • I prefer he talks about something general first and then ask for my number
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  • Depends on the environment.
    If we're in class, I prefer to be approached indirectly because I may not even like him back and it would make things awkward in the future.
    If I'm out and about at the mall or at the park, I'd like to be approached more directly because chances are, I won't be there for very long and we could both end up missing out on an opportunity.

    However, it's really all about the guy's delivery. Some guys are master communicators and they know how to show they're into you with a simple look. Other guys don't know how to be direct without being too foward and putting too much pressure on the girl in the situation. Personally? I like a little bit of both. I love eye flirting! : D it's got a certain charm... I love flirty looks and smiles and then a direct approach but that's just me


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  • Honestly, I can be quite oblivious when it comes to the opposite sex, so unless a guy literally tells me he likes me, I haven't a clue if he does or not. He could be dropping what may be considered obvious hints and I will not pick up on them. So you better approach me in a very direct manner or else I'm just not going to get it xD

  • I'd go with B, just because when guys are too direct sometimes I think they're just playing around.. and some guys think that, "Dayumm dat ass tho!" is a legitimate compliment and that generally doesn't sit well with a lot of girls. Also I guess what I like more is when a guy is funny, so if he comes over and says something that's funny or interesting, I'd be a lot more likely to actually call him afterwards.

  • I like emeraldsskys answer but im the opposite. If a guy tries to hit on me off the street directly, its pretty creepy and awkward to me, and my safety may be called into question. Nor would I trust them.

    In a safer environment (pretty much any social scene indoors) I might appreciate a more direct approach. Sometimes guys beat around the bush.. and I never know if im being presumptuous to assume things.. but ill also feel rude if my instincts are correct.

    What id appreciate more than anything is once things start to take off that the guy expresses his true intent. If you just want to hook up for example, say you dont want anything serious.


What Guys Said 1

  • Here is something that happened to me and I have no idea on why it happened. One day while I was walking to my doctors appointment I approached this female and asked her if she knew where this place was because I didn't know as I had never been there before. She told me and I offered her my umbrella so she could stay dry. She then proceeded to walk a lot faster so I took that to mean that she wasn't interested in me. I have no clue what I did wrong that day but I must have done something wrong for her not to accept the umbrella on a rainy day and she didn't have one. I am normally a shy guy and hardly ever approach a female.

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