Post first date - Girl got me so confused?

Met girl online. First date turned out relatively well.

-Met up at a bar and had drinks last night.
-No awkward pauses. Great convo. Had stuff in common.
-I tried to touch her here and there but her body language didn't seem too receptive or repulse. She didn't try to touch me back or anything.
-Ended date 2 hours later and walked outside. She said "I had a lot of fun. Lets do this again, let me know when you're free". I just said definitely, we'll do this again. Went in for the hug and kissed her on the cheek (planned to kiss her on the lips but I chickened out)

The next day at around 2pm I texted her "Hey, had a great time with you last night. Up for getting together again sometime this weekend?".

8 hours later and radio silence thus far. Did she say that just to be nice or something? I dont understand


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  • Doesn't sound like that's the case. It's easier to fake it by just saying "thanks I had a good time" versus her saying "let's do this again, let me know when you're free".


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  • You texted, and too soon. And you're expecting too much too soon as well. Eight hours? Give a full day before you panic.

    If she doesn't answer then yes, she was just being nice. Move on.

  • Give it a day or two, people don't want to come off as desperate and reply right away.

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