How the fuck do I get out of the friend zone?

Ok so there's this girl who I know pretty well.. I like her.. And it's not that I'm not bad looking or anything.. She has in fact told me that I look good in a few pics or complemented me If I looked good on some day.. However she has also made it clear that we're just friends.. If this is your situation..
How the hell do I make her look at me differently?

Sorry! I meant it's not that I'm bad looking... :P


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  • Let's look at this logically.

    1. She has put you in the friend zone because she doesn't want to date you.
    2. Therefore, we can assume she is looking for traits in a guy that she couldn't find in you (or maybe she has a deal breaker and did find it in you).
    3. So naturally, there's only one way you can get out of the friend zone. Well, technically, there's two. You either have to change yourself to fit what she's looking for, or she'll have to change herself and start looking for different traits (often happens with maturity).

    In any case, that's too much work. You're better off just moving on and finding another girl to like.


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  • turn the tables on yourself. if you friend zoned a girl, how would she get out, and would you want her to?

    if you wouldn't want her to, then maybe you should just accept your fate too. if you would be ok with, think about what you would want her to do, and then follow the same course of action.

    but yeah, not everyone wants to date everyone else or has a shot or should be given a shot. you have to just play the hand you are dealt in my opinion