How do you flirt with a girl? I'm seeing her on Saturday... Dont know how to flirt...?

So Im meeting the girl I met online tomorrow on Saturday.
This is the first time I am meeting someone I met online.
There was chemistry in the beginning now, 2 months later its frizzling out. But she agreed to a meet.
What can I do to spark the attraction again? if we hit it off.

Thank you. x


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  • Be yourself. There's no magic to it, she either likes you or doesn't - you either like her or you don't.

  • 1. Listen her carefully.
    2. Do not interrupt when she is speaking.
    3. Motivate her, talk only positive, praise her whatever she talk.
    4. ask about her bfs. if she says no bf? ask why no? any bf in past? ask why break up? i am sure she says that all bf are like this and that. and reply her i am not like that.
    5. ask what she want to see in future bf?
    6. i am also a good guy, i am looking for a girl like you.
    7. i like you nature.
    9. she: i dont want to make you my bf. You: think over it. when ever you mind change i am here for you forever.
    10. she: i have already a bf. You: why you are here? bcoz your present bf not understand you, so you feel like alone. and so you are here with me. if you with me this never happend.
    11. Take her mobile number. send love message.
    12. In 2 days she is ur gf.

    On this formula, i have 15 gfs so far. most of the girls says i love you to me in 30min of first time meet.