Texting mind games, not sure what I should do/is she not interested or just mad?

So this girl and I had until recently been going out and things were going really smoothly, but a few weeks ago she said she wasn't sure if she was ready for a relationship. Which I was fine with, even though she didn't really say specifically what she meant by it, other than she "enjoys time alone," which I took as meaning she needed space. I understand this usually means that she's not interested. However, since this, she has texted me saying she missed me, and we have gotten together for lunch, to which she happily agreed.

Also during this time, I've cut my communication with her way back, and texted her every other day or a bit less frequently. We're both second year college students and spring break is coming up. So I texted her last night with the hope of meeting up one last time before break, however she never replied. I'm just confused if she would appear to no longer be interested, or if it's possible that she's just mad that I haven't been texting her as often.

This whole thing is a mess because of poor communication, which is of course a red flag, but I'm just wondering what I should do. Part of me says screw it, obviously she doesn't like me anymore. But another part of me says I should just send her a text wishing her a good break or something, so that it eases the situation and she doesn't have a week of thinking about me bitterly.

I'm just wondering if either of the reasons for non-response I mentioned seem plausible, or what anyone makes of the situation, and what I'm best suited doing? Thanks.


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  • There are million reasons that she's not replying. But as you said, the best course of action is 'screw it' - go have fun on your spring break and don't run after her.


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