Dating other people while seeing someone else?

If you have been seeing a guy for a month and a half but he has not asked you to be exclusive is it ok to date other men?

Thank you for all your advice.


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  • sure. but if you like this guy for the sake of not stirring up stuff it's probably better to talk to him.

    whatever reason the relationship has not become exclusive (and it's not entirely on him to make it exclusive) you may run the risk of ruining the relationship entirely by dating someone else if the guy you are dating now finds out and is angry about that.

    my opinion about all these scenarios is communication is king. if you like this guy and would like to be exclusive your best bet is to talk to him about the status of your relationship


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  • Only if you're open and honest about what you're doing. The guy you've been seeing might not mind, or it might make him realize he wants to be exclusive with you. Either way, don't lie or sneak around or lead anyone on.

  • Yes it is okay however you need to aka him how he feels about you. Does he want to be more or not. If he doesn't want to be anything more than yes see other people

  • Ask him first what he considers the two of you and then go from there.