I ignored a guy multiple times (close to a year) who was approaching me but out of shyness and now he stopped. Is there still a chance?

In the beginning I wasn't clear on whether he was interested in me or was just being friendly but I do have a gut feeling that he was because he would be nervous and try to strike up conversations whenever possible. I pushed him away out of shyness because I was afraid he will realize that I too have feelings for him and were co workers. (I currently don't work their anymore).

Time past by and I avoided his advances and he began to avoid me but was still mutually friendly.

The chances of us meeting again are slim now since he works and I left the job I was at. I don't have his contact information and neither does he have mine.

I regret not giving him a chance and for being too shy. Is it too late for anything to happen in the future again and I should move on? Or is there a bit of hope?

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  • I would not try after one year of getting shot down by a girl. Unless you approach him and tell him that you regret not going out with him, I don't see any chance of that working out for you.


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