Battle of the bartender chicas, which girl should I choose?

So the last couple weekends I've been hitting up some bars alone and apparently that is a good way to attract bartender girls because I got 2 of them interested in me right now.

Girl 1: She's cool, fun and sexy. Gave me her # and told me she's available.

Girl 2: Same as girl 1 but I like her more than girl 1. The only complication is... she has a boyfriend. BUT she didn't tell me that until I tried to kiss her after her shift ended. We were talking dirty all night and even danced a few times so I was pretty surprised when I went in for the kiss and she told me she wasn't single. But when I asked her why she was leading me on all night she said she really liked me but she wouldn't cheat on her boyfriend. So then I asked her if she liked me more than she liked her boyfriend and she said she didn't know since she just met me. But obviously she's not completely happy with her boyfriend or she wouldn't have done all of that stuff with me.

So both girls want me to go see them tomorrow night where they work but obviously I can only be at 1 place at a time lol so not sure which one to choose. Girl 1 is pretty much guaranteed while girl 2 is more risky but I like her more and there's probably a good chance that she would leave her boyfriend for me. It might sound like a douche move for me to ruin that guys relationship but I don't know him and that's his problem and her choice.

So what would you do in my place?


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  • Do NOT make any choice, decision, at the moment. Things are "shaky" on Both ends, sweetie, and you just May end up miserable, "crushed," and on top of ALL this, Someone else could end up getting their "heart on a sleeve" hurt as well.
    Number1: You are Not that hot for Gir1, so keep her as a friend for now. Hang out, start out as friends, but don't make promises nor lead her on, no matter how many "numbers" she gives to you. This way no one gets hurt. Yes, she is More available, and no harm in dating. And who Could even grow into her like a new pair of shoes, and when you least expect it------Fall head over heels in love.

    Number2: The Other half, whom Is Not SO available, who already has a guy in her corner, is simply going to end up----breaking your heart. She may "flaunt and flirt," then "lift her skirt," but in the long run, she will end up Back with her cutie pie, and leave you standing in the lurches. More than likely, although she can say All she wants about this relationship that may be on the brink of doom, or even that she has "problems with him," she won't leave her pasture to go over the fence, because deep down she knows------the pasture is Not always greener on the other side, and no Matter how much of a "Douche" he IS, she won't "Risky" it. And even if she were, you would just be considered a "Rebound Robert," where her next "Move" would be----on and off your saddle and back on his back.
    Be smart, play it cool. You don't have to rush into anything, and that includes "much guaranteed" right at the moment."
    Good luck.xx


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  • If girl 2 is not happy with her boyfriend that's there problem not yours. Go after her because you clearly like her.


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  • Definitely go see girl 1.

    Girl 2. - There is also "probably a good chance" that she wouldn't leave her boyfriend. To say it would be a "douche move" on your part would be an understatement. Women for the most part love to dance. So relationship or not if they find a guy who will dance with them... it's all good.
    Just remember do you think you are the first, or will be the last guy she dances and flirts with at the bar? If she does this to him. What makes you think she won't do the same to you?

    Bartenders are not hired just to make drinks. If they (male & female 'tenders) also have a gift to gab and are good looking. The owner will hire them in the hopes it will keep patrons coming back. And it quite often means a lot in tips for the bartender too. I wouldn't read too much into her actions.

    Who knows, maybe you can meet the boyfriend tomorrow night. If he happens to show up (mind you what are the chances of a guy going to the bar, where his girlfriend works, on a Saturday night?) and sees you hitting on her. You might even be able to have a quiet one on one with him. Outside, in an alley. :-p

    Who knows if you go see girl 2. She might just toss you aside. And going to see the less obtainable could cause you to lose any chance with girl 1.

    But it's your choice.