Why am I afraid of kissing? What can I do to be a more confident kisser?

For some odd reason, every time a guy tries to kiss me I turn away and giggle. I know it's because I'm nervous but I don't know why. I think I've developed some sort of anxiety. Like I think I'm a bad kisser so I'm afraid to kiss someone. I've kissed a few guys before so it's not like I've never kissed anyone. After I do finally kiss someone, then I'm fine, I just have to "rip off the band aid." Has anyone else had a similar problem? Also, what could I do to not be so nervous/scared to kiss?



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  • There are a couple of factors that could be at play. Firstly, if your kissing guys that you don't know too well, or not known for too long, you will naturally be less comfortable around them and feel pressured to make a good impression. Getting to know the person better and building a relationship further would ease the pressure of 'kissing well'. I'm sorry to say being nervous will usually make your kissing worse than if you were relaxed and in the mood. It may also be the environment and atmosphere like if your in public or in private, if its romantic, or if its just an awkward spur of the moment. Good luck!


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