Would a guy agree to go out just to bail?

This guy and I went for one date. He asked me to go for tennis at the end of that date. I replied him at night to say yes. He said he had to start doing his work so let's take a rain check. I said ok. He didn't say anything later... so I texted him about tennis. He said yea, sure and sounded enthusiastic about it.

Later, 1/2h before we were due to meet, he said he checked online and found that the courts were closed. I find it really dubious cos' the tennis courts are always open. But I gave him the benefit of the doubt by not questioning, rather I asked what now? He said we'll just have to do it another time. He didn't even suggest we meet up and do something else.

Anyway, my question is... is he interested? cos my friend was saying why would he go to the extent of saying ok to meeting up if he wasn't. I mean, he could have just ignored me... but he chose to lie or so i think he lied. Yea, besides that, we haven't talked since that time when he told me that the courts were closed.


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  • I think he just wants a reaction out of you go find yourself someone better

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