Should I ask this girl on fb who were not friends but found her fb & message her where abouts of my crush?

This girl who I used to work with pretty sure had a crush on me she would flirt with me, check my behind out my telling me I dropped something when I would bend over, asked me if I had a gf, etc.
I don't know her last name and she said she worked at k-mart but I don't know which k-mart she works at and this other co-worker might be the only one who would know her last name.

Oh by the way they are not fb friends with each other and don't have each other's number so I don't know how she could tell my crush.


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  • I would give it a shot it doesn't hurt to try

    • Found her sent her a request still waiting for her to accept it.

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  • No just go to k mart and try to find her. You dont wanna be labled as creepy or desprrate

    • Already tried that tried two different k-marts couldn't fin her.

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