He acts extremely interested, but he rarely replies. What's the deal?

Okay, so my question is a little more broad than my personal situation. But here's the quick background:

I messaged a guy online about 3 days ago with a few questions about his job, hobbies, etc. and mentioned some similarities between us (overall professionalism, love of outdoors, legal careers). He responded within a couple of hours and gave me a very lengthy reply, including phrases like 'I think it's so cool that you...' and 'My heart fluttered a bit when you said that. So dreamy.'

Anyway, his responses are becoming about 24 hours apart (although I get notified that he read them immediately), which I realize is not a long time in the real world. However, I assume that people on online dating websites would be more eager to respond if they're interested. So, I'm not sure what to think when he spaces out his replies, but spends a bit of time typing out thoughtful messages. It's been a little over a day since I last responded, so I'm thinking he may just really not be interested. Again, I know that's a quick assumption, but why wait so long to reply after reading the message?
Oh, and if this matters, I'm 22 and he's 25 (past the age that I'd associate with head games).

My broader question is for the guys- if you're involved in online dating, do you have any rules about how soon to respond? I've just gotten really curious about how guys have translated the "waiting game" into the online world (blame the Sociology minor in me).

The simple answer was the right one- he wasn't into me (but why would the silly guy waste his own time?). Like I said, I was mostly curious about guys handling online dating in general. Thanks for the responses!


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  • Thoughtful clingy sounding messages? Definitely not interested. While there are no rules that guys have. It's
    the women that take a day or three to respond hoping that The guy will get pissy so they can dump him. The tool that was invented by woman is used all the time on dating sites Teasing, leading on.


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  • It could be he's thinking of the best way to word a response. On line communication doesn't come as easily as talking for some people. It could also be his job is slowing him down a bit.

    When I was doing the online dating thing. It could take me up to 24hrs to reply.

    He does reply. So I feel he is interested.



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  • Some people hop on to read their messages then when they have the free time to respond, that's when they do. I wouldn't get offended because if he wasn't interested, he wouldn't reply AT ALL. I think that this guy is into you. Just be a little patient as far as the replies go.

    Good luck.

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