Do girls deliberately date guys that are fat or overweight to make themselves feel/look good?

I have noticed quite frequently, though not always, that beautiful thin women often date guys who are anywhere from overweight to pretty fat. I am wondering if girls do this consciously or subconsciously to date and have sex with a guy to make themselves feel thin and glamorous. Since most girls, especially skinny ones, have body issues I wonder if they seek out a guy who is fat to make themselves feel less insecure. I really think so cuz I see it all the time almost everyday.


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  • men tend to be the more shallow visually driven group, not always but mostly.
    women, especially if they aren't in high school, tend to be looking for more of an emotional bond, and also sometimes 'to live comfortably'.

    whatever the case is i dont believe any of them do it 'to feel better about themselves'.

    from my own experience, im not huge, but i am overweight, and im definitly not rich; and yet I've dated some pretty attractive girls, and it has come down to me being an open, honest, loving and loyal guy.


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