He wants me to text him. Is this a bad sign?

I met a guy a few months ago at a bar. We hung out a few times. After that we didn't talk for about 3 weeks. He's from France and I was going to Europe soon so he was excited about that. I was gone for about a month but he texted me after I came back to the U. S. He said that he wanted to see me again and hangout twice during my conversation and I said yes ( didn't want to sound too enthusiastic). He ask me what I was doing that night but he never set up a day or time. Not sure if he wanted me to. We didn't talk for 2 months then I ran into him at a bar. We talked. He mentioned how he saw my sister at a store and wanted to know if she told me she saw him-She didn't . Next day he dropped me off at my house and said "text me"

Do you think he's actually interested? Should I text him?


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  • I would text him and hangouts with him to see if you like him or not

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