Is he saying in the future there might be something there or should I move on?

My guy friend and me started talking everyday nonstop for 6 months now. He was really flirty and I didn't want to be more than friends with him but he was still persistent. One day I realized I liked him so I told him, but he already knew. He wants to date me and I am happy about that, but he has been single for a year and he hasn't been single this long because he always had a gf from 16-24 years of age.

He loved his last gf a lot and they were together for 3 years. She cheated and aborted his child and he says she ruined him. I know he wants to date me, but he said not to let my heart get too invested in him unless I know for sure he is ready because right now he does not want a relationship.

Is he saying he wants to date me and see how it goes for the future or he just will never want to go any further than this? I know it's not hard to understand. I just want advice


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  • I think he wants to date you but dosent want you to be hurt if it doesent work out


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  • What do you want? Something serious or casual? From what he's said, it sounds like he only wants something casual like a friends with benefits thing or to not date exclusively. I'd be a bit hesitant as he's warned you to 'not get too invested' in him.

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