Confusing girl behaviour, keeps cancelling but appears interested still.?

Long story short, met a girl a few months ago, she's perfect, been taking it slow but the past few months iv not been able to secure another date, she's cancelled the past few dates with legitimate reasons but personally wouldn't you put a little more effort in? I'm not sure whether to ask again without sounding like a creep. We still text occasionally, if she wasn't interested wouldn't she just ignore my txts etc? I'm not quite sure what to do whether to leave it at that or continue on? We don't live near each other but iv been the one willing to trawl to her. Any views appreciated. thanks

Ps I have left it before about 2 weeks but she will text me out of the blue asking how I am, this confuses me big time.


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  • I think you should ask again. She might have had some late realisations and is pretty much as confused as you are!
    But just ask only once, any further would make you sound a bit, well, creepy.
    Sometimes girls may like to keep in touch with a potentially 'good guy' till they discover what they really want.

    • Thanks for that, I think I might ask 1 more time then leave her alone. She's a very nice girl that's why iv not given up yet. Thanks again

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