Mistakes, and fixing them... stupid question? Or not?

So I met a guy a few weeks ago, we went out a few times, had a few sexless nights (but did other things). The day before we first went out my grandmother died, and since then I had a friend pass away. I am not with this guy, I can't cry to him yet. Also, he's a medical resident so he's really busy. Here is the thing I have been kinda clingy (I am really not) but I am acting this way because he's been a source of happiness for me. I had a great weekend, I am going to be okay and I realized what I have been doing to him. Also, he's not been talking to me much since five days ago when I was drunk and extra needy... So I figured I have nothing to loose and I texted him and I told him what happened around when I met him. Why I acted clingy, acknowledged that its not okay, and I won't continue, I said sorry for the excuses I gave for my behavior and asked him if he was willing to start over? Telling him I'd understand if not...

Here's my question, did I ask a stupid question? I know I can't control his response, if its met to be it'll be... as I wait for his response, I really want to be better understand if I'm being realistic or not.

I was feeling frusterated because I met another guy a few days ago. I want the first one more. But I told him about it because I just wanted to know where I stood, I wanted him more. At first he said to go for the other option because he didn't
know why i'd tell a guy about another option and the continual texting worried him. When I told him I wanted him more, and stressed I was only clingy because of what had gone on. He said he'd think about it... arg, what do I do wait for an answe?


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  • No you did not ask a stupid question. You apologized and explained the circumstances as to what happened. Mistakes/aberrations of behaviour should be owned up to. I feel what you did, is commendable and you are being realistic.

    Everyone deserves a second chance. If he isn't willing to "start over", in my opinion. He is narrow minded and self absorbed. If this is the case I don't think the relationship would last over time.

    On the plus side. He is a medical resident. So he should be able to understand that it common for people to act differently when in a stressful (grieving) situation.

    I'm sure everything will be fine. :-)


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