What the heck?... I'm so irritated.

So me and this guy have been kind of talking for a little bit now, nothing to serious though. he just got out of a relationship not to long ago

I just don't get it.. he calls me every sweet name in the book, doesn't say it to anyone else, always tries to hang out with me, he's called me just to talk about some random stuff, asks me to come to stay at his house, I mean c'mon now.. he's a very nice and sweet guy to me and he's so nice.. but.. there's drama with his ex, he still cares for her and she doesn't want to be with him she's over him etc. So I've been there as his friend, and so far it's working out good, but we've kissed and nothing more, and I've started to get some feelings involved with him. I'm starting to care a little for this guy.. it's not to much at this point.

But we talked tonight, & he told me how his ex was telling him to get over her and stuff, and then he's like I don't know blah blah and he said that he was sorry that he's an asshole, and he's sorry he's a dickhead, and that I wouldn't want him anyways because he's an asshole. which I told him he's NOT.. and he said that "I'm not giving you a fair chance at all, ill do my best to give you a fair chance" which I told him I don't want to force him into anything, I'm not like that.. I don't want pity. and he kept apologizing to me.. after that he said he'll talk to me tomorrow and went to bed..

seriously, why do guys treat you so nice and act like they like you, if they turn around and do this to you?.. it's starting to get annoying.. :(


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  • Girls do this far more frequently in my opinion, but whatever. He has probably got conflicted feelings and you shouldn't be making out with him or anything like that if you hope to get a legit relationship.

    You can be there for him, but he's practically begging for your doting.


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  • The best thing that you can do at the moment is give him some space and time to get over her and be on his own. He is looking for comfort at the moment and is using you for it and the rebound. He has mixed feelings and is not sure where to turn. He wants to be with his ex again and is struggling to move on from her but he also has some feelings for you but he does not want to get with you yet as he knows it is not fair especially why he is in this state of mind.

    The best thing that you can do is let him know that you are there if he needs someone to talk to and that you care about him but don't hang out with him one on one for the moment. Maybe organise for somethigs for you and him to do with other friends, This will give him some fun and help him take his mind off things.

    You also need to give him space and let him figure out what he wants to do!