Why does he always want a hug from me?

First off, we're in the eighth grade but our school still makes us walk in lines and we stay with the same class all day.

Second off, we can just be in class walking around, and he'll just ask me for a hug. I'll give him a loose hug and then that's it.

Sometimes he'll come up and put his arm around me and just stand there.

He's always staring at me! In class I can just look around and I'll see him looking at me.

I don't like him, but sometimes I feel like he likes me.

What does this mean?


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  • It means he probably likes you. He's probably about 13 and still in the slightly awkward transition of "Girls have cooties!" to "Girls have boobs!"
    If you don't feel comfortable hugging him, tell him that very nicely and then don't encourage his behavior. Otherwise, live and let live. Let him do what he wants, he seems quite harmless.


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