Made a mistake asking this through text...?

I asked this guy after our fourth why through text why we have not kissed yet!!! What should I do!! I totally regret this and what if he does not text back? Let it go or call him? We almost had sex once but we didn't because I was not ready. That was the only time we kissed but briefly. We have not held hands, hugged, or kissed during our dates. I just didn't want our dates ending up like us being friends hanging out together... Is this a lost cause or can I repair this?


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  • Fore starters... you need to chill the eff out!!! Lol...

    How the heck are the two of you about to have sex and then you're complaining about kissing? Someone needs to take a chill pill and calm those hormones. How about just letting things happen organically as opposed to freaking out about WHEN something happens.

    Its definitely not something you needed to mention to him, via TEXT at that, just relax and let things flow. Just wait fore him to get back to you and address what you said. You're making a mountain out of a molehill. Good luck.


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