How do i stop over thinking, someone please help!!?

so I've been dating this guy for 2-3months, and he's told me before he's dated a few girls in the same friendship group in high school. im really scared if he's going to meet my friends, he's going to start dating them too, especially my best friend. am i over thinking way too much? how do i stop thinking about this, i also had a dream about it, its killing me.


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  • I overthink everything. It's sucks a lot. So I know how you feel. If you've been dating for that long. I wouldn't worry about it. Obviously he likes you. So just try not to think about it, which is so much harder then it sounds. I am going through some stuff right now with a girl and I'm overthinking everything and it's just causing problems. What I do is just keep busy. It's the best thing for people like us, cause when we start thinking, that's where it goes wrong and it only goes downhill from there. Read a book, sing along to music, watch movies. Anything. Just keep busy and be happy. I have dreams about the girl I like all the time. it's just a dream so don't even think about them.

    • ahhh this was good help, i hope you and your girl sort things out and be good again :) thanks so much for your help!

    • I hope so too. :/ you're welcome. Just remember to keep busy. It's the best thing for you. :)

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