How to bring up texting conversations?

Ok so you know whenever your talking to this guy you like and all you get is (What's up, hi, anything new) can you just think of something new i mean i don't want to keep saying the same thing over and over again. I mean i like him but i just want to think of something NEW to bring up :)


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  • This is really just a skill that some people have learned one way or another and others just haven't, but anyone can do it and most of us do it naturally in person but it often becomes harder through texting. If you can't keep a conversation going on your end then this is definitely a great skill to refine, but remember that both people need to keep their ends of the conversation going otherwise it's still really hard to continue.

    The first part of it is just about thinking about subjects to bring up, and there's an endless amount of them. You could ask him about his day, what he likes, his opinion on something (whether it's life, politics, or just a kind of food), what he's doing, etc.; or tell him about your day, what you like, your opinions, what you're doing, etc.

    The second part is to be open-ended. If he asks you questions, don't just say yes or no, give details or explanations of why, how, etc. Say what you think and what your opinion is about everything.

    The third part is to avoid conversation enders. Conversation enders are very short closed-ended phrases that are just very hard to reply to. If he tells you a joke, never just say "lol", because how is someone supposed to reply to that? Other enders are "that's cool", yes or no, "nice", and a bunch more. Some people that are really good at keeping conversations going can go for a while even if the other person keeps using these but not for very long, so for people most people this phrases simply end conversations.

    • Another thing you can do is add emotion to your texting, as the conversation becomes more personal and informal when you do this. It seems like you already do it from your question, but this involves emphasizing things, usually with capitilization or something like /this/ and using emoticons like :), xD, and etc.

      Nothing wrong with not adding emotion like this, it just seems more impersonal and monotone.

    • This is really helpful! thank you so much I just am trying to go with the flow and stuff. :)

    • No problem, keeping conversations going through texting is hard and awkward for most people, especially when they're doing it with a person for the first time.

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