Is Tourette's syndrome a deal breaker in a relationship?

I have a type of Tourette's called Echolalia. I basically repeat random words that I hear people say. Sometimes if I'm listening in to other peoples conversations I can accidentally repeat things they say and it can be humiliating.

Would this be a deal breaker?


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  • Probably not. I have weird social things that may weird people out too. I can stutter pretty badly at times when I talk to strangers. I also sometimes repeat things that I previously say to myself softly without realizing it haha

    I'd be a hypocrite to reject a girl for something like that.

  • Depends on the severity. I would personally feel kind of awkward if my girlfriend said humiliating or hurtful things at random, when we were out in public.

    • I only repeat what I hear other people say, usually only one word

    • Mmhm, not that big of a problem then. I've only seen kids with tourettes syndrom on TV, and i imagine you've had exercises for how to keep it to a minimum. Not a dealbreaker if it's only a random word now and then.

  • Not at all. Everyone has there quirks.
    I have some social behaviors others might find odd.


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  • Nope... You are fine