What do I do now? My girlfriend said "I love you" prematurely. I panicked and said "I love you too"?

Its only been a couple months. I like her a lot but I don't know if I love her. Its too early but I panicked and said "I love you too" (This was over text)


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  • Forgive yourself. Don't be too hard on yourself. What happened has happened. If I were you, I'd probably do the same thing. Now that I'm older I know that I shouldn't say anything that I don't mean. Sometimes we may feel guilty if we didn't reciprocate though, so who knows? Maybe I'll still say it.

    What's important is now and present. Don't say it again unless you mean it. This is in case you don't throw it casually like some people do. If you value this word so much, then keep it inside until you actually feel it.

    Nothing bad has happened. :)


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