Why would a guy still want to date when he knows he is moving?

So, I have been seeing this guy for three weeks now and finally had the courage to ask him why we have not kissed yet. He said he had intimacy problems and didn't want to lead me on or get too deep into stuff when he knows he will be moving away soon. I completely understand this, but he still wants to hang out with me. I am afraid I am being put into the 'friend zone'. Should I end this or continue being friends? The problem is I really like this guy. Why does he still want to go on dates with me if said something like that?


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  • He likes you but he doesn't want to hurt. Sadly he is probably a really great guy, a thing that you don't come to see very often anymore, and it sucks that he is moving away.
    And about the friend zone, If he is moving away then it will be a lot easier to get over him. In this case absence makes the heart grow less fond.
    -my 2 cents

    • Thanks for your advice! I have a lot to think about now.

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