Trying to light an old flame.?

Sooo I am in need of a prom date in a about 2 months. I text this guy that I used to flirt with on and off with about 2 years ago. It kinda faded out so I texted him just now saying "Hey!! Long time no talk☺️" and he has seen the message but no response. Does this mean he's not interested anymore? I mean there was nothing serious between before, just some innocent sexting.


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  • if he has seen the message for awhile, he could not be interested. especially since every single girl is racing to find a prom date now. he probably put two and two together. it could also be that he isn't quite sure how to respond since you two haven't really talked in awhile.

    • Yeah I mean every girl IS racing for a prom date... But my friend was at a party and heard him say how shitty it was that he didn't have a prom date yet, and how badly he wanted one. he's a party guy, so it makes sense that he would want to go to prom.

    • thats good news for you. you could "jokingly" be like "got a date for prom yet?" and maybe it could turn into a for reals thing

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