How do I get comfortable dating someone?

This cute guy I've liked for a while asked me out a few weeks ago.

I thought it was going to be immediately wonderful and everything I ever dreamed of. But I think my anxiety is getting the best of me. He comes in to my work and we talk for a while sometimes after I get off. We've been on 2 dates and both went really well, but he's pretty affectionate already and it's kind of freaking me out. I've never had a boyfriend before and this is all very new to me. The last time we went out he was the one initiating holding hands and putting his arm around me. And when we were sitting facing each other, he kept touching my legs. Nothing above the knee, but the whole time I was wondering if I should be letting him do that or not. And I had no idea if I should have been touchy feely with him. Like, I have nooo clue what to do haha
Another thing is that respect is a huge deal for me and I've always been nervous that I'll start dating someone and he'll try and cross the line.

Anyway, I'm so nervous about all of this that I think it's taking away from getting to know him and enjoying any time with him. I think I'm spending half the time worrying. How do I know what's okay to let him do and how can I get comfortable with it?


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  • i think you just need to take it slowly and enjoy each day. don't worry about the future or where this is going- don't think of it like that. just enjoy each date. and its okay to tell him that you like him but need to take it slowly. do whatever feels comfortable

    • I've thought about telling him I want to take things slowly, but I don't know how to bring it up. Any suggestions?

    • the next time you are together, and he rubs your leg or something that makes you uncomfortable, just say "listen, i really like you, but i think i need to take this slower. i wanted to tell you because if i seem awkward or distant, its not because i don't like you, i really do, i just need to warm up to this"

    • thanks!

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