How do I get him to kiss me? Is there a chance he likes me? please help?

Well I've have feeling for this guy for about a year now and well just this pass months he's been coming to my house because both of our cousins are soon to go out.. Anyways he kissed me one of those times and since then he kissed me at least once when he was here.. This pass three weekends he hasn't kissed me he did try once but I was mad at him and I turned around and left god how I regret that :/ anyways I catch him looking at me then at my lips but he doesn't kiss me... How can I get him to kiss me or should I just kiss him? ... he's a very good looking guy and every girl in school wants to go out with him and they're prettier than me so why was he kissing me? I'm chubby but they say I have a pretty face so I don't know if he likes me or was just messing around.. My cousin says he likes me back but he cares to much of what people might say about him... This weekend my cousin asked him if he liked me a little bit and she said he said I don't like her I love her this much and spread his arms wide but then when I looked up from my iPod to see him he said I don't like her not even a little I just left.. And then later that night he got mad at me and I was trying to cheer him up and he just said " do me a favor and shut the f**k up.. I cried the whole night I know I should move on but I can't I love him to much to let go :( what do you guys think? please help me I at least want one last kiss


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  • if he's kissed you before he must be interested, so i think you should kiss him! he might be scared of rejection since you turned your head the last time. go for it to show him you like him back


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