When a guy says I love you n have feelings for you but I'm not I love with you? Uh explain?

I don't think this is a normal situation he found me 10 years later we take a chance and meet up in a state that's half way between both of you 1st night was perfect wonder dinner wonderful talks just perfect then the 2nd night he tells me he started talkin to some girl he said it's just talkin we haven't hooked up or anything but I want you to know cus I feel guilty so I say whatever n get hammered and try and hind my anger afterwards we fight make out fight slam each other against walls and make out fight he leaves for an hr I stay at the room before he leaves he asks me if I love him or am in love w him I say I care I have feelings he says I love you yes, yes I do, I care about you yes you think I'd find u 10yrs later cus I just want to get laid really yes even though I love u and have feelings and care but I'm not in love w u right now I'm not saying it won't happen but when you get like this u drive me crazy what made u so fucked up in the head why can't you just be happy n not try n ruin things why can't you just let someone like you you always gotta run I said shut up it's how I deal I it's how I protect myself. What is he saying to me in the whole I love you yes and I have feelings for you but I'm not in love with you right now but I'm not saying it won't happen I'm very confused and also why tell me about this girl?


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  • You either love someone or you never (or dont) love someone. I do not believe in "i love you but..." Dont be fooled. That is a chicken way out and a straight lie.

    • So what is it? I mean it's confusing as hell like he told me to sit down I said no he said sit down you don't get to hide from this shit it's real life ( I have a bad very bad habit of running) we were both sitting on the floor when he asked me if I loved him or if I was in love w him I looked up and said I care I care and have feeling and it freaks me out cus I'm not use to this them that's when he said what he said is it cus I didn't say those words that he tried to back track? And why bring this girl up? I'm scared it's going to be weird when I move home

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