Why is he still talking/dating me if he's moving slowly?

I guess I've been talking to this guy for a month and a half. Although, I've known him for two years and had a little teensy crush on him during that time. I guess he's finally come around, almost. Degrading, I know.

Anyways, he's a total gentleman, asks questions, and I really like spending time with him. I never sense that he's anxious to leave when we're together or anything like that.

But he moves at turtle's pace! I'm beginning to wonder if he'll ever want to make it more serious. It's been almost 2 months, but he's been so slow and not clear as to what is going on. Obviously with today's dating realm, people tend to use euphemisms and not really be clear with how people feel, albeit it's counterproductive as hell. I don't want to force it either or make some claim that will make him feel pressured. There's also an age difference but it's legal.

Do guys really have female friends they bring to date-y situations? Movies/dinner?
Is there anyone out there with a similar experience where relationship started slowly/slow to commit?
Am I wasting my time? I mean maybe he just doesn't want a relationship ever. Maybe he just wants a female friend who he has sexual tension with, I don't know. Any answers welcome.


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  • A relationship is based on friendship, right? RIGHT! How on earth can he/you know whether you're the right person to be with if you hardly know each other? The other issue is whether he sees your friendship as dating and may in fact think of you as a friend only?

    Is he Canadian or Irish? If so, it's cultural to be slooooow in getting into relationships... very sloooow :) (Been there, done that, homie!)

    I've actually known of some guys who would be quite interested in a girl but decided to not make any moves for at least 4 years. They did things together & hung out with other friends while getting to know each other better. This is usual for 'serious guys' who want to marry but are not in a 'rush.'

    I would like to encourage you to not go anywhere near asking him what he thinks and where things are going... because that could land you in embarrassment and find out that he never felt that way.